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"It's an evolutionary imperative."

She made me do it





Sylar was somewhat lost in his impossible mind that made even Moriarty’s look like a walk in a park with a lollipop at times. The past where he was sold as a child and watched his father kill his mother-or how people used his heart to manipulate him into the monster he is now; A trigger for a near psychotic episode that he managed to hide with a terrifyingly blank face.

Teleporting to sit on the couch and tossing a apple up and down in his hand, he smirked, trying to hide the storm in his mind. “I make a living cutting the slice of people’s skulls off with no tools. I think I can handle a lone skull without flesh or blood or annoying screaming well enough.”


Knitting his brows upon witnessing the evident modifications on Sylar’s expressions, the detective assumed he was adrift on his own thoughts. Choosing to not interfere nor snap him out of this state, Sherlock simply took a hold of his Stradivarius along with its bow, planning on continue with his composition but was soon taken aback by the sudden re-appearance of the serial killer who was now sitting on his couch. Making himself at home already?         The tall Brit inquired himself.

"Yes, and that clearly sounds remarkable." Wait…there were a few murders regarding the use of that exact method, weren’t there?

                                                                             Oh… s t u p i d !

Sherlock mentally slapped himself for not remembering the headlines of recent newspapers. How could he have not made the connection any sooner?! It was the Yard’s issue nonetheless. “So you’re him…”

"Annnd the penny drops." He grinned as he read Sherlock’s thoughts on his face. It was interesting and amusing to see the moment he put everything together. It was a much needed distraction from the madness in his mind.

Raising his hand, he used telekinesis to lift an apple up and bring it to his opened hand. 

"At least that tells me they still have no idea what my name even is yet. Bunch of idiots the coppers-even here in England. Too easy, too easy."

He bit into the apple and smirked as he chewed. “Forbiddion fruit… My favorite.” 

And this is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

I am legitimately pissed off that I moved out of Georgia just before 221B con.

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"Oh goodie. You are as insane as they say. Hopefully as intelligent as well."


The omega suddenly seemed to change-face looking more deadly and fierce then most alpha’s- turning to the reason he was going into heat so suddenly. Sylar had already knew since intuitive aptitude connected the dots sixteen seconds after they came face to face. The serial killer wondered if Sherlock would be able to connect he was the murdering Omega rumors have been slowly spreading wide enough for it to be printed on the front page here in England.

"Tell me, Sherlock, do I interest you beyond the hormones yet? Or must I give you some hints?"

Sherlock raised his eyebrows at that. It wasn’t everyday that someone would talk to him in such a manner, nor had anyone ever called him insane, although they had called him a freak or weird or any other such things for his lack of interest in mating, and treated him like he was abhorrent.

The way he held himself, the way he was looking at Sherlock, like a predator. This man may have been born Omega, but everything that Sherlock had observed so far, and everything that he was exhibiting now especially screamed more Alpha then Omega, and he finally knew how it felt to be “turned on,” as others put it.

He smirked and walked over to him, eyeing him as he walked around him, “I am finding you interesting,” he said with a smirk. “Tell me, is this how you lure all your victims?”

Sylar tensed as Sherlock walked around him, his smell penetrating his mind now with the closeness. It was starting to get difficult to focus, especially with the heat coming on so suddenly.

"Sometimes, if the situation calls for it." He mused, running a hand through his wet hair. "But my methods hardly need pheromones to carry out." To show off, he lifted his hand and flicked his finger, using telekinesis to shut the door to the sitting room.

"I prefer style over number of bodies."






Possibly the best scene in Heroes.

Come and play with my Doctor Who OC


Heroes/Doctor Who AU: The Doctor looks into Sylar's past when found unconscious

"You were never given a chance… I am so sorry."

"Shut up. I don’t need the sympathy of a hero."

"But you want a heroes redemption, don’t you?"

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Sylar stared at his queen of a Dopple ganger for a few moments before flicking his finger, sending a paintbrush comically at Sasan’s forehead; Almost cartoon like if anything as he snickered. “Frills are so a decade ago.” He mocked as well, pulling one of Sasan’s own faces.

"You think you’re so funny." Sasan kicked the paintbrush once it hit the floor after it had flown into his face. If only he could retaliate in a way besides verbal abuse. The man sighed. "Are you gonna go get the paint or what? Because I don’t have all day."image

"I’m hilarious bitch, and you know." He mused, before sighing and teleporting off to get teal paint before returning moments later and two cans onto the ground. "And actually, you do have all day." He mused before using telekinesis to pop the tops off both cans.

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I actually had one of those? I’ll be damned… Literally, I think.

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Oh, no, my soul is definitely damned. Just surprising since I can’t die that it’s going to happen anyway. Kinda cool, actually.